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Hello World, my name is Lee Tzu-Tung. 

I am a video artist,

a political activist and a visual anthropologist.

and I use art practices as my method to research, negociate and remake such contemporary scene.

My works concern how identity nostalgia and modern romance effect people's life in this era,

Some of the stories could go back to a midnight on March 18th, 2014...

On the midnight of March 18 2014, it is the split point of my art practice, Sunflower Revolution outbreaks in Taiwan, and led me to rethink of what is my real history and culture. As my pre-reference to create is found a colonized result reenforced by Kuo Ming Tang government, I then try to flip, research and decolonize the notion of art, and the identification of artists.
The political fevers and incidents after 2014, lead me to a 4-year research. I settled and surfed between multiple Taiwan indigenous communities, political parties, activist movements...etc.
I concern that how we could reframe art again, with and from our own root, our mixed and new tradition, and finally using such political medium to fund our inter-local perspective.
Art and Politics

Take a look, on the projects in my hands: artworks, columns, conferences, activists movements, podcasts... if you feel like to talk with me or join any of the projects... you are welcomed to CONTACT me.


To see my artist statement and CV.
To see what I am coming about, and what kind of art and politics projects that you can join and work together.


Timeline portfolio of my Art X Politics series from 2014-2018, and my ealier works on romantice.


Includes my articles on New Bloom Magazine, talks at ETAT art forum, condinated conferences in North American Taiwan Studies Association and the presented panels at American Anthropological Association.


See where I am about, and my recent projects that you might find intereting to join.

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