Recruiting <OTD Indigenous Podcast> Volunteers

【海台青原民台・志工招募 】#網路參與節目規劃

Have you seen our channels before? In the previous month, we have discussed the land authority issue, racial and gender stereotypes, the Tama Talum hunter cases.. add the following episodes, we would like to invite you to join the coordination of the show! 各位朋友有看過海台青原民台的網路直播嗎?海台青原民台之前初探了原住民傳統領域問題、亞泥案、族群及性別刻板形象等等議題...接下來的節目,我們希望邀請身邊每個關心原住民族及社會議題的朋友,一起來參與節目規劃。



If you are interested in Taiwan inidigenous issues, please feel free to contact:

李紫彤 (Lee Tzu-Tung) Ping Huang Ciwang Teyra 阮澭棠 (Yung-Tang Juan)

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