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"A pair of jeans has fallen in love with its owner's scent and body curve. One day, the owner accidentally left the jeans by the sea. The jeans tormented and strongly long for the women. This causes jeans to turn into a human, in search for its owner..."

As the story about the jeans foretells, Wei-Wei struggled with her current relationships, she feel hard to commit with her girlfriend. She decided to embark a trip, searching for the remnants left by the mother she never met. During her trip, a man who always wears a pair of jeans appears in her surroundings from time to time. She cannot tell he is a figment of her imagination or if he is real. The man also appears to be on a quest, though that which he seeks is too abstract to be found. She feels attracted to him, because they seem to share a similar kind of void in their lives.

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