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<Writing the Time Lag> 20 mins teaser

​Writing the Time Lag 時差書寫
Experimental ethnography, 70 mins.

(The above is a 20 minutes teaser made in 2016, for the 2019 full version, please contact the artist. )


♔  2019 exhibit at <Sensefield>, Bopiliao, Taipei.

♔  2019 exhibit at <Why Did You Come to Taiwan>, MOCA, Taipei.

♔  The 50 mins video script version has been shown in Cepo' Art Center and Gene Siskel Theater.

♔  Won Experimental Film fund from Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation.

Lee Tzu Tung’s artworks focus on the politics of art, and how art and artists could serve or be transformed in politics. The film is a conclusion of her three-year political experience in both Taiwan and America. The director taking herself as an object in the experiment, joined Taiwan’s legislation procedures, election campaigns, organized indigenous movements, gender movements, and a bilingual press. Under the cover of a political activist, she tries to observe the reason for political fever and furthered her reflection on modernization and its effect on people’s life.

This ethnographical yet experimental documentary will cover the topics including the transformation of Taiwan’s national identification,  how cross-cultural marriage works in modernity, how indigenous queer fit in their tradition, and reflect on how internationalization in contemporary art effects local creators.

**The film is completed by a all-female film crew, and all the 50mm shots are directed or operated by the interviewees.


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