Lee Tzu Tung shooting <Wave>

Lee Tzu-Tung is a conceptual artist whose art practice combines academic research with political activism. Her recent works focus on how one can survive, manipulate, regain autonomy through their identities, with special attention on the hegemony of Chinese Sino-centrism, the trauma of modernity, the regain of indigeneity, and the current epistemological injustice. She surfs with performances, web art, installations, fictional and experimental films, and plays along the borders of contemporary art, academia, and politics. Tzu Tung experiments how art as a method can test and decolonize the contemporary form of art, technology, and authority.  


Politically, Tzu Tung had organized monthly conferences Café Philo Chicago (2016-2018), participated in NGO Overseas Taiwanese for Democracy, and editing the bilingual political magazine NewBloom. She is also the leader and visual designer for a rally of 200 people Anti-Black Box Education(2016), 40 cities wide rally Equality of Same-Sex Marriage (2016), the organizer of indigenous protest Passage of Time (2016). 


Furthermore, Tzu-Tung has curated serval cross-disciplinary events, Tzu-Tung is part of a panel committee for art and political roundtable in the 2017 North American Taiwan Study Association, served as the Jury Committee Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival, and the curator of an art and anthropology exhibition, Sensefield. Tzu Tung is currently the founder of Tinyverse NPO, which facilitates transdisciplinary, collaborative art projects, and holds a series of Hackathon for Artists events in Taiwan.







+886 (908) 175517 



2023 Master of Science, Art, Culture, and Technology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Boston USA. [anticipated completion Apr 2023]

2017 Master in Fine Art in Film, Video, New Media and Animation, School of Art Institute of Chicago. Chicago USA.

2013 Icelandic and Culture International Course, University of Iceland. Reykjavik, Iceland.

2012 Cour de civilization de la Sorbonne, Sorbonne IV. Paris, France. 

2012 Bachelor of Science in Agriculture Economics, National Taiwan University. Taipei, Taiwan.


2021 Transmediale Fellowship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
2021 CAMIT Scholarship, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
2019  <City Flip-Flop: Stained> Annual Exhibition, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, exhibition nominated in Taishin Art Award

2019 <Relocating Divinity: Being an Atheistic Theist>Waley Art Gallery, Taipei, exhibition nominated in Taishin Art Award

2019 Global Fellowship(on behalf of Tinyverse and ARThon community), DWeb Camp.

2019   Visual Art Grant, National Culture and Arts Foundation.

2017 Experimental Film Grant, National Culture and Arts Foundation.

2016 Special Selection, GagaOOLala Queer Film Festival.

2014 The New Artist Society Full Merit Scholarship, School of Art Institute of Chicago. 

2010 First Prize Winner, National Taiwan University’s Film Festival.

2009 First Prize Winner, National Taiwan University’s Film Festival.

2008 Sophomore Literature Prize, National Taiwan University.


2018 Residency Unlimited. New York, USA.

2017 Ce’po Art Center. Hualien, Taiwan.

2016 ArtScape Gilbart Point Residency Artist. Toronto, Canada.



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2022 Group Exhibition, <Time After Time: The Polychronicity in Blockchain>, Hyundai Blue, Beijing, China.

2022 Group Exhibition, <Direct Message>, Artlaban and Mihakgwan, Seoul, South Korea.

2022 Group Exhibition, <Mediating Asia>, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art, Taichung, Taiwan.

2022 Group Exhibition, <Rendering Research>, Transmediale Festival, Berlin, Germany.

2021 Group Exhibition, <Dear Block Chen>, Solid Art Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan.
2021 Group Exhibition, <Lab Kill Lab>, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab), Taipei, Taiwan. 
2021 Group Exhibition, <Cross-Dimensiioin Transmision>, Kaosiung Public Library, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
2020 Online Exhibition, <ANTART> University of Lisbon

2019 Group Exhibition, <Sensefield> Taiwan Association of Visual Ethnography, Bopiliao, Taipei, Taiwan. (also as the curator )
2019 Group Exhibition, <City Flip-Flop: Stained> Annual Exhibition, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab (C-Lab), Taipei, Taiwan.

2019 Group Exhibition,  <Relocating Divinity: Being an Atheistic Theist>Waley Art Gallery, Taipei.

2019 Group Exhibition, <Interminable Prescriptions for the Plague> Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.

2019 Group Exhibition, <Why did you Come to Taiwan?>. Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.
2018 Group Exhibition, <The Impossibility of Form>. Cuchifritos Gallery. New York, USA.

2018 Group Exhibition, <Mashes of the Afternoon>. 136 Lawrence Residency. New York, USA.

2018 Solo Exhibition, <Writing the Time Lag>. Ce’po Artist Center. Hualien, Taiwan. 
2018 Screening, <Writing the Time Lag>. Indigenous Art Festival. Hualien, Taiwan.
2017 Group Exhibition, <Delicate Failure>. Flux Factory. New York, USA.

2017 Screening, <Taiwan as Practice, Method and Theory>. Stanford University. California, USA.

2016 Group Exhibition, <Waveforms> Tom Robinson Gallery. Chicago, USA.

2012 Group Exhibition, < Pop Art Factory >, Taiwan Visual Art Gallery. Taipei, Taiwan.

2010 Screening, < Director’s Dream>, National Taiwan University Film Festival. Taipei, Taiwan.

2009 Group Exhibition, < Doppelgänger >, Taiwan Visual Art Gallery. Taipei, Taiwan. 


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