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In 2019, after years of art research in politics,
I developed more conceptual projects on the idea of transaction and economics. As economics grab the throats of the formation of political entities and our narration for identities.


Forkonomy()_the Council.jpg

Forkonomy() 岔經濟()
Co-Created with artist Winnie Soon


multi-media installations

♔ 2020.12 exhibit at <Lab Kill Lab>, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Annual Exhibition, curated by Shu Lea Cheng and Yukiko Shikata
♔ 2021.12 exhibit at <Dear BlockChen>, Solid Art Gallery, curated by Chu Feng Yi

In contemporary economical expansion, America federal and banks, giant tech corporations have managed to maintain their colonial forces to govern the accessibility and distribution of resources. The rise of China economic power, though operating in a different regime, also follows and adopts similar capitalistic, centralized and advanced (computable) machines, in which the invisible hand exploits ecologies and alienates labors. The economy trade bloc further demarcates the nowaday island states and territories of the Pacific.

However, many people have lived and traversed through the sea, between islands, coastlines, and cities for over two thousand years. Taiwan as the northeast Austronesians and Hong Kong 蜑家 Dang-Chia as “ocean peoples” viewed the world as “a sea of islands” rather than “places along the continent”. With the history and development of port infrastructure, it is not surprised that bartering and piracy on material and intangible wealth were the precursors to the monetary system.

Through Forkonomy(), we are interested in rethinking the politics of our contemporary economic and technical-cultural systems. By employing free and open source software and decentralized protocols, we set the participatory project as a commoning ship for people of the pacific who want to queer the matters of hierarchies, ownership, gendered labor division, as well as to fight against the constant threats of maintaining a high degree of autonomy regarding the land and the sea. Forknomy() shall sail the economy and autonomy into a queer ocean of freedom and the sea of commonwealth.



Positive Coin 帕斯堤貨幣
Open-source HackFolder
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cryptocurrency, multi-media installations

♔ 2023.02 exhibit at <Breeding Pirates>, Boston, MIT ACT Gallery.
♔ 2022.09 exhibit at <Time After Time: The Polychronicity in Blockchain>, Beijing, Hyundai Studio.

♔ 2019.10 exhibit at <City Flip Flop>, Taiwan Contemporary Culture Lab, Annual Exhibition, nominated in Taishin Art Award.

♔ 2019.10 exhibit at <Interminable Prescriptions for the Plague>, Museum of Contemporary Art, Taipei.

♔ 2019 Won Experimental Film fund from Taiwan National Culture and Arts Foundation.

♔ Report and podcasted by eight major Taiwan cable news stations.

“Positive” refers to HIV positive, and how HIV-positive people can bring positive meaning to their stigmatized disease. After consulting doctors, psychiatrists, and AIDS activists, our team designed a currency with bionic features inspired by HIV. Addressing Susan Sontag's observation of using military vocabularies for diseases, Positive Coin draws parallel analogies between the circulation of disease and trading. By combining currency and disease, we challenge preconceptions about values.

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